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Video: Progress Continues for DOMA Cases & More News
In this week's Marriage News Watch: A ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week means that the case against Proposition 8 is about to enter its final phase.
Rachel Griffiths and All-Star Cast Perform “8” in Australia
Encouraged by the response of the play "8"in the states, and Aussie all-star cast takes the stage for two one-night-only readings in Melbourne and Sydney.
New Study Shows Effect on LGBT Youth of State-Sponsored Discrimination
For his first action as HRC’s new president, AFER co-founder Chad Griffin released a new report quantifying the experiences LGBT youth in America.
AFER in the News: Leaders Discuss Future of the Prop. 8 Case
Yesterday marked a huge turning point in our case for marriage equality. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals announced that it will not rehear our case. Here’s a round-up of interviews quoting people involved with AFER’s case for marriage equality in reaction to yesterday’s decision.
Updated: Prop. 8 Case Timeline Graphic
By the end of the year, either the freedom to marry will be restored for gay and lesbian Californians or our federal case for marriage equality will be on its way to the highest court of the nation. Trace the progress of the Perry challenge with this graphic.
Huge Turning Point! Prop. 8 Challenge Enters Its Final Stage
Today marks a monumental turning point in our case for equality. AFER’s federal challenge for marriage equality is now entering its final stage. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided today not to rehear our case. Find out what happens next and what you can do.
Video: What the Prop. 8 Rehearing Decision Means
Watch this video to learn more about the Ninth Circuit's decision not to rehear the case en banc.
Infographic: Status of the Prop. 8 Case
Where is the Prop. 8 case? Check out this infographic to see how far we’ve come and where the case could go next.

Now Available: “8” on the Radio, Download and CD
Thanks to a partnership with L.A. Theater Works, audio of the play “8” is being broadcast on public radio stations across the nation (reaching over 3 million people) and available for purchase as a CD or audiobook.
Video: A Double-Victory Against DOMA & More News
In this week's Marriage News Watch: Another major blow to the Defense of Marriage Act, and twenty-five couples sue for marriage in Illinois.