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Love Stories

Closer Together: Neka and Diana’s Love Story
Neka Dunlap and Diana Delgado of Rancho Cucamonga, CA tell their story as part of AFER’s Love Stories series.
Making Music: Stephen and Mark’s Love Story
The story of how Mark Towns and Stephen Pearlman of Chicago first met six years ago is straight out of a romance novel.
Children Deserve Equality Too
AFER Founding Boardmember Dustin Lance Black makes the case that children like newborn Dillon should be able to grow up knowing that his parents are married.
A Different Perspective: Becky and Renee’s Love Story
They traveled from their small town in Tennessee to the sandy beaches of Hawai’i to declare their love for each other. The commitment ceremony and vacation were a dream come true for the happy couple, until the last night.
Making a Difference: Jenni and Lisa’s Love Story
In June 2011, Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols of San Francisco began a year-long trip that covered 15 countries across Asia, Africa and South America.
It’s About Family: Tammy and Wendy’s Love Story
Wendy Mayfield and Tammy Quaco of San Diego are thankful for a lot of things – namely, their family. With Tammy bringing two kids to the relationship, and Wendy bringing three, they worried that the new siblings would have a hard time blending.
Moving Forward: Oscar and Arturo’s Love Story
“We have gone through about a million and a half weddings at this point: friends, family, why can’t we have that? We have a relationship to be admired.”
Growing Old Together: Ray and Michael’s Love Story
Ray Rodriguez of Colorado recently retired after 21 years of service to his country in the United States Marine Corps. Yet despite his bravery and willingness to die for his country, he was not afforded the same rights enjoyed by the men and women he stood beside.
Nine Years in the Making: Clayton and Scott’s Love Story
In AFER's most unique Love Story yet, Ken Clayton gave his partner of nine years, Scott, and the AFER staff the surprise of a lifetime.
Traditional Values: Ryan and Danny’s Love Story
When it comes to the loving relationship of Ryan Bunson and Danny Fernandez of San Francisco, there is nothing non-traditional about this couple.