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Love Stories

Two Decades in North Carolina: Diana and MaryAnn’s Love Story
They met at a friend’s birthday party. Little did they know at the time, but 25 years later Diana Travis and MaryAnn Mueller would still be sharing their lives together on seven acres of land in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Surviving Together: Wes and Andre’s Love Story
Andre Sanchez and Wes McGaughey have been through thick, thin, and a rare spinal cord tumor that changed their lives forever.
A Family of Seven: Shannan & Monica’s Love Story
After a nearly decade-long relationship, Monica and Shannan are still entirely smitten with each other. “If it were not for Shannan,” Monica says, “I would not be in the wonderful place that I am. She is so beautiful; I am so lucky!”
Through Thick and Thin: Thom and Jeff’s Love Story
When Jeff Tabaco and Thom Watson of Daly City, California, met nine years ago, it was a meeting of the minds before it was a meeting of the hearts, but it became a long-lasting love.
Protecting Each Other: Sue and Melissa’s Love Story
Sue and Melissa of Florida are hoping that the entire nation will soon have marriage equality, and they have high hopes that the ultimate defeat of California’s Proposition 8 will help make that a reality.
Unconditional: Raul and Ted’s Love Story
“When the chemistry and the dynamics are there, you just know,” says Ted Hallowell of falling in love with his partner of over 30 years, Raul Fernandez.
The New Moral Majority: Philip and Steffen’s Love Story
“We have a relationship that we want to be honored, supported, unquestioned, and respected! We want to get married now!”
Just Like Everyone Else: Erica and Melissa’s Love Story
"We own a house, we own a Prius. We have a dog, we have two cats. We’re pretty normal."
Family First: Ben and Benjamin’s Love Story
Ben Mudgett and Benjamin Gamboa first thought about getting married 2008 during the months when gay and lesbian couples could get married in California. But at the time, they had only been together for about a year and Ben had his two young daughters to think about.
Tell Us Your Love Story
Everyone loves a good love story. They are a source of inspiration and are crucial to changing the hearts and minds of people who don’t yet support marriage equality. Today, we are putting out an open call for your love stories.