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Marriage Benefits

Justice Department expands recognition of married gay couples
Attorney General Eric Holder released a memo that details expanded recognition for married gay and lesbian couples, regardless of where they live. As long a couple is legally married in a country, state or city with marriage equality, the Justice Department will treat them as legally married.
6 things gay and lesbian couples need to know about their taxes
The new tax policies of the federal government will ease a great burden for many gay and lesbian couples and their families, especially around tax season. Here are six things you need to know about the new ruling, according to the Treasury Department.
Financial Expert Suze Orman: Gay and Lesbian Americans Pay More Taxes for Fewer Rights
To mark Tax Day, financial expert Suze Orman writes about the financial inequalities gay and lesbian Americans face in our country.
By the Numbers: Gay and Lesbian Parents
Gay and lesbian couples make great parents, according to scientific studies, major medical organizations, and 6 million Americans with LGBT parents.
Interactive Map Shows the “Crazy Patchwork” of Marriage Rights
A new interactive map by the Los Angeles Times tracks 10 years of progress and setbacks for marriage equality in the United States.
Star Witness for Prop. 8 Now Supports Marriage Equality
David Blankenhorn, who was called by the Prop. 8 Proponents as their star witness against marriage for gay and lesbian couples, now says that he supports marriage equality.
Gay Couples Suffer Unjust Burden During Tax Season Because of DOMA
Tax season is a stressful time for anyone, but it is especially so for gay and lesbian couples like Tom and Jimmy. Although they were legally married in Massachusetts seven years ago, the federal government does not recognize their marriage.