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Video: Marriage Equality in 2012, Year in Review
Here's a quick year-in-review to get you caught up with the progress we made in 2012, and where we're going to focus in 2013.
Fairness and Equality Win Big in Election
Voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington have approved marriage equality. In Minnesota they rejected a state constitutional ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
When Can Gay and Lesbian Couples Get Married in Maine, Maryland and Washington?
Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington approved marriage equality initiatives. Here’s when gay and lesbian couples can get married in each state:
Video: Election Recap: Big Wins For Marriage
Check out a special episode of Marriage News Watch for a recap of last night's election results.
Election Day Voting Information
Three states hope to pass marriage equality initiatives today— Maine, Maryland, and Washington, and one state, Minnesota, hopes to defeat a constitutional amendment that would ban it. Find out what you can do.
Tomorrow: Equality and Fairness on the Ballot
In Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, campaigns based on the same anti-gay playbook used to pass California's Proposition 8 in 2008 have attempted to sway voters using nothing but fear and prejudice.
Brad Pitt Donates $100,000 for Marriage Efforts
Actor Brad Pitt – who portrayed Chief Judge Vaughn Walker in the Los Angeles premiere of “8” –is matching all donations to HRC's marriage efforts today, up to $100,000. All gifts will help in the four states where marriage is on the ballot.
Marriage News Watch: Strikeout #8 for DOMA and More News
Another ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. A former Prop. 8 supporter releases a new video explaining his change of heart. And polling on marriage in key states remains very close just days out from the election.
Misleading Anti-Marriage Ads in Maine. AFER Corrects False Claims with Fact.
Two new anti-gay ads just started running in Maine this week. AFER corrects the claims in these commercials by using the testimony from the Prop 8 trial.
Marriage News Watch: New Polling From Key Marriage Battlegrounds (Video)
There are several new poll numbers this week, and support is up across the board. But we're not out of the woods yet in this election's four key battleground states.