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Supreme Court action leads to domino effect of marriage equality victories
Yesterday, the Supreme Court paved the way for marriage equality in 11 new states and 60% of the American population.
Victory in Virginia! Marriage equality comes to the Commonwealth
The Supreme Court refuses to hear defendants' claims against marriage equality. Marriage equality comes to Virginia.
Today: Supreme Court considers Bostic review in next term
Today, the Supreme Court will consider whether to review the question of marriage equality in its next term.
Supreme Court to decide whether to review marriage equality next term
The Supreme Court has indicated it will take its first look on September 29 at the marriage equality cases before it.
AFER urges the Supreme Court to review Bostic case
AFER has filed documents with the Supreme Court asking the high court to review the Bostic case and rule in favor of marriage equality.
Defendants in Bostic ask Supreme Court to decide on marriage equality
The state of Virginia has formally filed paperwork with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the high court to decide the question of marriage equality.
Supreme Court delays marriages in Virginia, Lawyers urge high court for review
The Supreme Court issues an emergency stay in the Bostic case effectively delaying marriages equality in Virginiia
Virginia clerk asks Supreme Court to delay marriage equality
Defendants in the Bostic case have asked Chief Justice John Roberts to delay marriage equality in Virginia pending appeal to the Supreme Court
4th Circuit will not delay marriages for gay and lesbian couples in Virginia
The 4th Circuit has denied a request by defendants in the Bostic case to stay the court's marriage equality mandate.
Virginia to ask Supreme Court for review of Bostic Case
The Commonwealth of Virginia has announced it will petition for cert. in the Bostic case on Friday.