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In the Headlines: 4th Circuit strikes down Virginia marriage ban
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit struck down Virginia's marriage ban. Here are the headlines:
4th Circuit Rules Virginia Marriage Ban UNCONSTITUTIONAL
U.S. Court of Appeals for Fourth Circuit rules Virginia marriage ban unconstitutional - affirms District Court victory.
One year ago today – Victory at the Supreme Court
One year ago today, the Supreme Court handed down two major victories in the fight for marriage equality.
Extending marriage to same-sex couples could add up to $60 million to Virginia’s state economy
The Williams Insitute at UCLA estimates that wedding spending and tourism could generate tens-of-millions of dollars for the Virginia economy in the first three years.
AFER’s federal case for marriage equality progresses in Virginia
This fall, AFER announced that our marriage equality work is continuing in federal court. Now, our case in Virginia is at a critical juncture.
Majority of Virginians Supports Marriage Equality
A solid majority—56%—of likely voters in Virginia supports marriage for gay and lesbian couples, according to a new survey.
Top Headlines: AFER joins Virginia marriage equality case
Check out headlines from AFER's announcement that it is joining a federal lawsuit in Virginia.
AFER and Attorneys Joins Marriage Case in Virginia
AFER and its incredible legal team are joining a federal marriage case in the great state of Virginia.