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Civil Unions

Marriage equality legalized in England and Wales
Queen Elizabeth II swiftly gave her royal assent to marriage equality legislation after lawmakers formally adopted the bill last night. Gay and lesbian couples will be able to get married in England and Wales as early as next summer.
Briefs in Prop. 8 and DOMA Cases
Briefs in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases provide a sneak peak into next month's Supreme Court arguments. Plus, more surveys show a surge in public support for marriage, and a rally in Colorado as the House prepares to vote on civil unions.
Video: Rhode Island Marriage Bill Hearings & More News
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: big news coming this week from Rhode Island, where we may see the year's first hearing on marriage equality. Plus more news from, Illinois,Colorado, Hawaii and Nevada.
Video: What Obama’s Marriage Equality Endorsement Means & More News
In this week's video: Obama endorses marriage equality and we look at what that means for LGBT Americans and for the future. Colorado's civil unions bill looked dead in the water last week, but this week the Governor's found a way to give it one last shot at passing in 2012.
Colorado’s Journey: From Amendment 2 to Civil Unions?
The Republican-controlled Colorado House of Representatives is close to passing a civil unions bill approved last month by the State Senate