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Marriage News Watch

Video: Marriage comes to New Mexico & more news
Find out the latest news about marriage in New Mexico, where we've got surprise weddings, new lawsuits, old lawsuits, and emergency orders, plus updates from other states.
Marriage News Watch: 100 couples receive marriage licenses in Pennsylvania
In this episode: marriages continue in Pennsylvania, but the Governor has filed suit to stop them. We'll have the latest from that state, plus civil actions in Tennessee, and new data from Hawaii.
Marriages start in Rhode Island and Minnesota & more news
Another huge week for equality, with marriages starting in Minnesota and Rhode Island. There's a major new lawsuit in Virginia, and legal tussling in Pennsylvania.
Gay Couple’s Marriage Recognized in Ohio & More News
It's been a busy week, with marriages suddenly recognized in some unexpected states. Meanwhile, state officials in other states are refusing to defend marriage bans. And as always, we have more favorable polling numbers.
Video: What’s Next for Marriage Equality
Couples are getting married in the most populous state in the country and nearly one third of Americans live in states with the freedom to marry. This week's episode of Marriage News Watch takes a look at what comes next.
Video: How marriage equality affects straight couples
We're counting down the days to a Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8, with just two weeks left before the end of the current term. A new survey analyzes the effect that marriage equality has on opposite sex-couples, and more news
Video: Prop. 8 ruling is just days away
We're counting down the days to a Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8. Marriage may go to voters in Ohio, but there's dispute over timing. New polls show progress in California and across the nation. And New Mexico's Attorney General addresses the state's marriage ban.
Video: Fight for marriage in Illinois continues
The fight for marriage equality will continue in Illinois after the state's House failed to bring legislation up for a vote last week. Plus, more news from the week.
Countdown to Marriage Deadline
All eyes are on Illinois, with less than a week left to pass its marriage equality bill. Meanwhile major obstacles remain in Nevada and Tennessee.
Video: Can we get to 13 states with marriage equality?
Minnesota passes a marriage bill, bringing the total to 12 states with the freedom to marry. Time's running out for Illinois. And even with public support for marriage soaring, numerous states may be stuck with marriage bans for years to come.