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Family Values

This Father’s Day
AFER Board President Bruce Cohen shares what he wants for Father’s Day.
Studies document negative effects of marriage discrimination, benefits of marriage equality
Research clearly shows that preventing gay and lesbian couples from getting married leads to negative side effects
WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Marriage Equality Video
There's major news today on the freedom to marry, with one of the most powerful women in the world lending her voice to our cause.
Another Republican Supports Marriage Equality
Another prominent Republican shows his support of marriage equality. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman shares with CNN that he changed his mind after his son came out to him and his wife. Another reminder of how important it is for gay and lesbian Americans to share their personal stories to win hearts and change minds.
Here are 35 Gorgeous Bow Ties for Equality
Today's the big day when Tie the Knot's spring 2013 collection goes on sale!
Tie the Knot Gets Eighty Times Mightier
Starting this spring, you can can support the work of over eighty different civil rights organizations just by wearing a bow tie.
NOM Launches Attack Ads in Battleground States. AFER Factchecks.
The National Organization for Marriage is ramping up their campaigns in Minnesota and Maine with two new television commercials. AFER corrects their claims with real facts.
Traditional Values: Ryan and Danny’s Love Story
When it comes to the loving relationship of Ryan Bunson and Danny Fernandez of San Francisco, there is nothing non-traditional about this couple.
Gay Couples Increasingly Start Families
The New York Times features the growing number of gay couples who—like many other couples— are facing pressure from family and friends to start a family soon after they get married.
Video: Dueling Briefs in Leadup to Supreme Court Fight & More News
In this week's episode: The Defense of Marriage Act has some powerful enemies, with strongly-worded opposition coming this week from some familiar names. A flawed study on LGBT parenting is also under attack, with its author now under investigation. All that and more news.