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Family Values

Video: Multiple Marriage Cases Heading to Supreme Court & More News
In this week's Marriage News Watch: All eyes are on the Supreme Court, with a big marriage showdown shaping up on the horizon and more news.
New Study Shows Effect on LGBT Youth of State-Sponsored Discrimination
For his first action as HRC’s new president, AFER co-founder Chad Griffin released a new report quantifying the experiences LGBT youth in America.
Are ‘Family Values’ Outdated? The New York Times Guest Contributors Debate.
As The New York Times points out, the ideal of family has played a prominent role in Republican campaigns, but is it still a worthy goal for public policy? Within the past several years, especially since Ted Olson and David Boies came together to bring AFER’s lawsuit challenging Prop. 8, no longer is the debate about marriage for gay and lesbian couples an issue that divides our country, but a value that brings it closer together.