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December 2013

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita will triple your donation to AFER before Dec. 31
As an investment in AFER’s work, our good friends Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita and their organization, Tie The Knot, will TRIPLE your donation today, up to $25,000.
Graphic: 2013 was a historic year for marriage equality
2013 was a historic year for marriage equality. AFER took our case against Prop. 8 to the U.S. Supreme Court. And we won. But our work continues.
Bow ties with a purpose
When you purchase a Tie The Knot bow tie, skinny tie, or cuff links, a portion of the proceeds supports AFER and our federal court case for marriage equality.
Prop. 8 Case Documentary Named Official Selection for Sundance Film Festival
The full-length documentary directed by Ben Cotner and Ryan White is one of only 16 documentaries selected for the prestigious film festival in January 2014.
Associated Press profiles couple challenging Virgina’s marriage amendment
Carol Schall was helping her teenage daughter renew her passport when a postal worker filling out the paperwork learned that Schall’s same-sex partner was the girl’s birth mother.“You’re nothing,” Schall recalls the worker saying as she crossed her name off the form. Schall was stunned.
Gay and Lesbian Couples Now Able to Get Married in Hawaii
At the stroke of midnight, Hawaii became the fifteen state where gay and lesbian couples can get married, in addition to Washington, DC.