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Gay and Lesbian Couples Now Able to Get Married in Hawaii

At the stroke of midnight, Hawaii became the fifteen state where gay and lesbian couples can get married, in addition to Washington, DC. Next summer, couples will also be able to get married in Illinois.

The New Civil Rights Movement gives a great recap of the first weddings:

Forty-five minutes past the stroke of midnight today, six couples became Hawaii’s first same-sex couples to marry.

The couples are Donna Gedge and Monica Montgomery (35 years), Paul Perry and Gary Bradley (11 years), Saralyn and Isajah Morales (four years), Shaun Campbell and Tony Singh (five years), Richard J. Rosehill and Shawna P. Okami (32 years) and Keola Akana and Ethan Wung (six years). They share a total of 93 years together, an average of over 15 years per couple.