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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Becomes Tenth State with Marriage Equality
Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee (Independent) has signed a bill recognizing the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples. The Ocean State will join nine other states and the nation’s capital with marriage equality
Rhode Island Legislature Passes Marriage Bill
The State Senate has approved marriage equality legislation by at 26-12 vote. The legislation will soon go to Governor Lincoln Chaffee, who has promised to sign it into law.
Marriage Equality and the Super Bowl
Anti-gay comments overshadow the Superbowl, but they can't stop progress in Arizona, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. We have new legislation and strong polling to carry marriage forward from coast to coast. Plus, amicus briefs in the Prop 8 case.
Video: Major Milestones This Week
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: A vote on marriage in Rhode Island and hearings on civil unions in Colorado. Plus, support from an unexpected source in an unexpected state and more.
Video: Rhode Island Marriage Bill Hearings & More News
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: big news coming this week from Rhode Island, where we may see the year's first hearing on marriage equality. Plus more news from, Illinois,Colorado, Hawaii and Nevada.
States to Watch: Marriage Equality Legislation in Rhode Island
Marriage equality bills were introduced in the Rhode Island Senate and the House on January 3, 2013. After an unexpected defeat in 2011, a marriage equality bill is poised for passage this year.
Video: Marriage Equality in 2012, Year in Review
Here's a quick year-in-review to get you caught up with the progress we made in 2012, and where we're going to focus in 2013.
Video: Leaked GOP Memo Supports Gay Marriage
In this week's update: A leaked memo urges an about-face for anti-equality Republicans. A civil unions bill dies in Colorado, for now. But access to marriage expands in Rhode Island, and more new surveys confirm the ever-growing public support for equality