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Traditional Values: Ryan and Danny’s Love Story

AFER’s Love Stories series tells the stories of couples who are waiting to get married. If you are a gay and lesbian couple who is planning to get married, tell us your story and you could be featured.

When it comes to the loving relationship of Ryan Bunson and Danny Fernandez of San Francisco, there is nothing non-traditional about this couple. Growing up in Pittsburgh and Miami respectively, by their twenties each of them made their way to a life of love and happiness in San Francisco.

On one lucky Monday evening, Danny and Ryan each stumbled upon the same restaurant and instantly connected. “I just saw this beautiful person standing next to me and thought, ‘Gosh, how nice it is to see such a great smile,’” recalls Danny. The pair started talking, and the relationship grew organically from there. “A few months later, we were completely in love.”

Today, Ryan and Danny are still living in San Francisco and have been together for over three years. “We get one another,” they continue. “We have similar goals; we have met each other’s parents and families. We just work.” Their relationship is certainly no different than any one else’s.

Planning for the Future

Now that Ryan and Danny have found each other, they are looking forward to starting a family. However, they would like to go the route of being legally married first.

“Marriage is part of strengthening familial bonds,” says Ryan. “We were at Danny’s family reunion recently and they were all asking us when we are having kids! Marriage is a traditional value.”

Danny explains, “We are looking into buying a house together and having kids. We don’t want to have to jump through extra hurdles.” Ryan continues, “The next steps we want to take in our lives will be challenging if we are not married.”

Relying on Each Other

Ryan and Danny attribute their successful relationship to their love, dedication and hard work. “We found each other so randomly!” Ryan jokes, “We bring happiness and youthfulness to each other and we are truly excited about being together. We are yin and yang to each other.”

Danny says of Ryan, “He really is my rock. I love his sweetness and his even-temperedness – I am a firecracker! We are total opposites, but we connect at the core of our beings. There is a level of trust there that is so fulfilling.”

Unfortunately, Ryan and Danny are still waiting on the ability to move their relationship forward.