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Marriage News Watch

Video: Supreme Court & Marriage: What Happens Next?
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: More suspense from the Supreme Court, a setback in a Nevada lawsuit, and more news.
Video: Two-Year Losing Streak for Anti-Gay Groups and More News
in this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: The Supreme Court is just days away from deciding whether to take the Prop 8 case. Plus, it's now been two and a half years since our opponents last held majority support in any major national poll.
Video: Which States are Next for Marriage Equality?
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: Big wins for marriage from coast to coast, and not just in the major battleground states. Plus, major news is due in the case to overturn Prop 8.
Video: Election Recap: Big Wins For Marriage
Check out a special episode of Marriage News Watch for a recap of last night's election results.
Marriage News Watch: Last Chance to Vote on Marriage & More News
The election’s finally here. AFER has everything you need to know about key marriage ballot measures both before and after the vote. Plus, a look ahead at some major post-election marriage equality milestones.
Marriage News Watch: Strikeout #8 for DOMA and More News
Another ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. A former Prop. 8 supporter releases a new video explaining his change of heart. And polling on marriage in key states remains very close just days out from the election.
Video: Anti-Gay Ads, Side-By-Side
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: An anti-gay ad in Washington is re-using discredited misinformation from other states. We'll have a side-by-side comparison.
Marriage News Watch: New Polling From Key Marriage Battlegrounds (Video)
There are several new poll numbers this week, and support is up across the board. But we're not out of the woods yet in this election's four key battleground states.
Video: Supreme Court Waiting to Decide on Hearing Prop. 8 Case
Big news still coming from the United State Supreme Court on the Prop 8 case. Plus: major advances in some of the other challenges to state and federal bans on the freedom to marry.
Video: Prop. 8 & Supreme Court in Just 1 Week & More News
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: A major development in the Prop. 8 case could be just one week away. And take a look ahead to the states that could be major marriage battlegrounds in 2013.