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Fairness and Equality Win Big in Election

Fairness and equality have won out over fear and prejudice. Voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington have approved marriage equality, and in Minnesota they rejected a state constitutional ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

For the first time, voters have drawn a line in the sand and said to the nation: ALL Americans should have the fundamental freedom to marry the person they love.

For the first time, voters have rejected the specious claims that anti-marriage forces use to prevent loving gay and lesbian couples and their families from being treated with the equal dignity and respect guaranteed by our Constitution.

In each state, anti-marriage campaigns relied on the same harmful lies and distortions used in 2008 to pass Proposition 8 in California. But as AFER proved during the 2010 federal district court trial of Proposition 8, these stigmatizing arguments simply have no basis in fact or reality.

AFER strongly believes that fundamental constitutional rights should never be put up for a vote. However, last night proved that the remaining barriers that prevent gay and lesbian couples from exercising their freedom to get married are crumbling fast.

With the Supreme Court poised to consider whether it will take AFER’s federal constitutional challenge to Proposition 8, the momentum for marriage equality has never been stronger.

And our victories for marriage equality are not alone. America has elected its first openly gay or lesbian senator, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and retained Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, who was targeted for joining the unanimous decision that overturned that state’s ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

This is a great day for couples waiting to get married, their families, and for every American who believes in our nation’s commitment to equal rights for all.