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Marriage Equality Is a Mainstream Value (Infographic)
Over a dozen national polls have shown that a majority of Americans support marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans. The Center for American Progress summarizes and analyzes recent polling.
Google’s History of Support for LGBT Equality
Google yesterday announced its new “Legalise Love” campaign to promote LGBT equality in countries where the global company has offices. The company has a history of supporting LGBT equality, including the L.A. premiere of “8.”
Video: Multiple Marriage Cases Heading to Supreme Court & More News
In this week's Marriage News Watch: All eyes are on the Supreme Court, with a big marriage showdown shaping up on the horizon and more news.
Photo: Marriage Equality is not a Conservative or a Liberal Issue
During the 2010 trial of Prop. 8, famed conservative attorney Ted Olson wrote a cover story for Newsweek.
The New Moral Majority: Philip and Steffen’s Love Story
“We have a relationship that we want to be honored, supported, unquestioned, and respected! We want to get married now!”
Video: New Hope For Married Gay Soldiers & More News
In this week's episode: A proposed new law would let the Army recognize the spouses of service-members for the first time ever. Anti-gay activists in Maryland collect enough signatures to force a referendum, but now they're tens of thousands of dollars in debt.
Remembering Stonewall: How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Have to Go
Today we honor the change that the Stonewall Riots set in motion 43 years ago, and look back at all that we have achieved to date.
Just Like Everyone Else: Erica and Melissa’s Love Story
"We own a house, we own a Prius. We have a dog, we have two cats. We’re pretty normal."
Lawrence v. Texas: An Important Precedent for Marriage Equality
Today marks the ninth anniversary of a watershed moment in American constitutional history, one which set the stage for our effort to secure the freedom to marry for every American.
Nation’s Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Endorses Marriage Equality
Adding their voice to the ever-increasing momentum for marriage equality, the board of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) unanimously passed a resolution supporting the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian Americans.