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Witness Testimony: Gary Segura
Stanford political science professor Gary Segura testified about the political powerlessness of gays and lesbians in the United States.
Witness Testimony: Ryan Kendall
On the seventh day of trial, Ryan Kendall testified about his experience as a teenager whose parents placed him in therapy to change his sexual orientation from gay to straight.
Witness Testimony: Mayor Jerry Sanders
Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego, a Republican, testified about how he came to support marriage equality.
Witness Testimony: M.V. Lee Badgett
On the sixth day of the trial, University of Massachusetts Amherst economics professor M.V. Lee Badgett testified about economic and demographic issues related the gay and lesbian couples and their children.
Witness Testimony: Michael Lamb
Psychologist Michael Lamb testified as an expert on the developmental psychology of children, including the developmental psychology of children raised by gay and lesbian parents.
Witness Testimony: Helen Zia
Writer Helen Zia testified about her experiences with discrimination and how her life changed when she married her wife in 2008.
Witness Testimony: Ilan Meyer
Social epidemiologist Ilan Meyer testified about the harm gays and lesbians have experienced because of Proposition 8.
Witness Testimony: Edmund A. Egan
Edmund A. Egan, the chief economist for the City and County of San Francisco, testified about the many ways prohibiting marriage equality negatively affects San Francisco’s economy.
Witness Testimony: Letitia Anne Peplau
On the third day of trial, UCLA psychology professor Letitia Anne Peplau testified about benefits of marriage for gay and lesbian couples. She explained that marriage equality would help gay and lesbian couples and their children, while having no impact on stability of marriage as an institution.
Witness Testimony: George Chauncey
On the second and third days of trial, Yale history professor George Chauncey testified about the history of discrimination faced by gay and lesbian Americans.