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Witness Testimony: Nancy Cott
On the second and third days of trial, Professor Nancy Cott testified about the history of marriage in the United States. Her testimony explained marriage as a secular, public institution that has evolved throughout American history.
Witness Testimony: Paul Katami
On the first day of trial, AFER plaintiff Paul Katami testified about why he wanted to marry his partner of nearly 10 years, Jeff Zarrillo.
Witness Testimony: Kris Perry
AFER plaintiff Kris Perry testified about her relationship with Sandy Stier and why they want to marry each other.
Witness Testimony: Sandy Stier
AFER plaintiff Sandy Stier testified about her relationship with Kris Perry. She explained why they wanted to get married, and how their domestic partnership is inadequate.
Witness Testimony: Jeff Zarrillo
On the first day of trial, AFER plaintiff Jeff Zarrillo testified about coming out as a gay man. He also explained his nine year relationship with Paul Katami, why the two men wish to marry each other, and the special meaning marriage has for them and their family