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AFER in the News: Leaders Discuss Future of the Prop. 8 Case

Yesterday marked a huge turning point in our case for marriage equality. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals announced that it will not rehear our case.

Here’s a round-up of interviews quoting people involved with AFER’s case for marriage equality in reaction to yesterday’s decision.

AFER lead co-counsel David Boies was quoted in the New York Times:

This is a great step forward toward the day when everyone will be able to marry the person they love.

AFER lead co-counsel Ted Olson was quoted on Reuters:

We’re not end of the line yet, but we are vastly closer.

Ted Olson stated in the AFER National Media Conference Call:

So, our goal was to seek the overturn of Proposition 8 in California. We have succeeded in doing that so far in the district court, and now in the Ninth Circuit…We have an obligation to our clients and to the citizens of California who’ve been waiting now for nearly four years for the opportunity to get married like their fellow citizens. And, we would want to preserve that victory fundamentally.

Ted was also quoted on Politico discussing the possibility of a Supreme Court move:

It would be completely understandable, and we would not try to avoid the full ventilation of those issues before the United States Supreme Court. We’d look forward to it.

Ted on KQED:

The atmosphere and the environment has changed enormously in the three years since this suit was filed.  The court decisions, and our case in particular, have caused people to have the opportunity to talk and think about these issues, and the more they do, the more favorably they are disposed to accept equality.

Kris Perry, one of our plaintiffs in the case, spoke to San Jose Mercury News:

For me, it feels like it’s the decision that launches the case out of California to the national stage.

AFER co-founder Chad Griffin was quoted in the Los Angeles Times:

The final chapter of the Proposition 8 case has now begun. Should the United States Supreme Court decide to review the 9th Circuit’s decision in our case, I am confident that the justices will stand on the side of fairness and equality.

Chad stated in the AFER National Media Conference Call:

This is a monumental day, and our case has now entered its final chapter. We begin the final chapter of the Prop 8 case today, and the end is now in sight…No Americans should have to wait and should have to suffer this length of time to be able to marry the person that they love.

In Metro Weekly, Chad was quoted again:

Today’s order is yet another federal court victory for loving, committed gay and lesbian couples in California and around the nation.

Chad said in The Advocate:

The end is now in sight. The question is no longer, if, but when.