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Gay and Lesbian Couples Now Able to Get Married in Hawaii
At the stroke of midnight, Hawaii became the fifteen state where gay and lesbian couples can get married, in addition to Washington, DC.
AFER’s federal case for marriage equality progresses in Virginia
This fall, AFER announced that our marriage equality work is continuing in federal court. Now, our case in Virginia is at a critical juncture.
10 years ago, a historic decision brought marriage equality to Massachusetts
The historic decision, authored by Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, was the final result of a case brought by seven gay and lesbian couples who lived in the state. They were represented by Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders,
Hawaii becomes 16th state with marriage equality
At long last, marriage equality is coming to Hawaii. The state’s legislature just approved marriage equality legislation and Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie is expected to sign it into law.
One year since historic election for marriage equality
One year ago today, voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington went to the polls and voted in favor of the freedom to marry, and in Minnesota they voted down an amendment to the state’s constitution.
Illinois Legislature approves marriage equality, bill to be signed by the Governor
The bill now advances to Governor Pat Quinn, a champion of the marriage equality, who plans to sign the bill into law. Illinois is fifteenth state in the nation to recognize marriage equality, the second in two months.
Five years after the passage of Prop. 8
Starting June 16, 2008, an estimated 18,000 couples declared their love before their family and friends in the Golden State. But hanging above that joyous time was a dark cloud known as Proposition 8.
Oregon now recognizes marriages from out of state for gay and lesbian couples
The state of Oregon will recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples who were wed out of state, according to a memo sent last week.