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Daughter of lawyer defending Prop. 8 comes out midway through trial
Jo Becker’s new book reveals the story of how the daughter of lawyer defending Proposition 8 came out to him midway through trial.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Tie The Knot team up with AFER in the fight for marriage equality
Beginning today, all proceeds made through any purchases with Tie the Knot will be donated to the American Foundation for Equal Rights
Federal judge orders Ohio to recognize marriages performed out-of-state
A federal judge in Ohio orders the state to begin recognizing marriages performed out-of-state for gay and lesbian couples.
Utah marriage equality case appears before U.S. Court of Appeals
Lawyers presented oral arguments today at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in the Utah Marriage Equality case.
One Year Ago Today: AFER brings marriage equality to the Supreme Court
One year ago today, AFER brought marriage equality to the United States Supreme Court. Take a look back:
Attorneys general stop defending marriage bans for gay and lesbian couples
Top law enforcement officials across the nation are refusing to defend in court marriage bans for gay and lesbian couples.
Federal Court rules Michigan marriage ban unconstitutional
This is the sixth time a federal court has ruled laws prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from marrying unconstitutional, and the fifth in three months.
New book documents marriage equality at the Supreme Court, draws praise
Forcing the Spring by New York Times Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Jo Becker is a behind-the-scenes account of AFER’s case against Prop. 8