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Gay and Lesbian Couples Get Married In New Mexico
Gay and lesbian couples are getting married in three of New Mexico’s largest counties, with clerks in two additional counties planning to follow suit as well.
Video: Marriage comes to New Mexico & more news
Find out the latest news about marriage in New Mexico, where we've got surprise weddings, new lawsuits, old lawsuits, and emergency orders, plus updates from other states.
John Bolton Expresses Support for Marriage Equality
Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton has joined other prominent Republicans in expressing his support for marriage equality.
California Supreme Court Affirms: Prop. 8 is still dead
The California Supreme Court has rejected the Prop. 8 Proponents' baseless attempt to limit gay and lesbian couples from marrying across the state. Marriage equality remains the law of the land across all of California.
Spouses of gay and lesbian servicemembers to receive equal benefits, Pentagon announces
The Pentagon announced that the spouses of gay and lesbian members of the military will be eligible for the same healthcare, housing and other benefits starting September 3.
Marriage News Watch: 100 couples receive marriage licenses in Pennsylvania
In this episode: marriages continue in Pennsylvania, but the Governor has filed suit to stop them. We'll have the latest from that state, plus civil actions in Tennessee, and new data from Hawaii.
Marriages start in Rhode Island and Minnesota & more news
Another huge week for equality, with marriages starting in Minnesota and Rhode Island. There's a major new lawsuit in Virginia, and legal tussling in Pennsylvania.
400th performance confirmed of marriage play “8”
Fremont, OH is the 400th confirmed reading, which are taking place at a variety of professional, community, college and high school theaters.