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33% of Americans live with marriage equality
With New Jersey now recognizing the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples, one third of the U.S. population now lives in a state with marriage equality.
Gov. Chris Christie Drops Appeal, Gay and Lesbian Couples Get Married in New Jersey
At the stroke of midnight, gay and lesbian couples were able to get married in New Jersey.
Gay and lesbian couples able to get married in New Jersey, State Supreme Court Rules
The State Supreme Court today unanimously denied a request to delay marriages while an appeal is heard to last month’s decision that called for marriage equality.
Majority of Virginians Supports Marriage Equality
A solid majority—56%—of likely voters in Virginia supports marriage for gay and lesbian couples, according to a new survey.
New Jersey Judge denies request to stay decision, allows gay and lesbian couples to get married starting Oct. 21
Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson denied a request to delay the implementation of last week’s historic ruling that would allow gay and lesbian couples to get married in New Jersey starting October 21.
Closer Together: Neka and Diana’s Love Story
Neka Dunlap and Diana Delgado of Rancho Cucamonga, CA tell their story as part of AFER’s Love Stories series.
Video: An inside look at Virginia’s first marriage equality case
AFER's attorneys and new plaintiffs talk about what our new case could mean for them, their state, and our country.
Top Headlines: AFER joins Virginia marriage equality case
Check out headlines from AFER's announcement that it is joining a federal lawsuit in Virginia.