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Perry Case

3 Reasons for Marriage Equality
AFER’s case challenging Prop. 8 is founded on three basic points. Find out what they are and why gay and lesbian Americans should be able to marry the person they love.
Take Action: Protect LGBT Youth from Dangerous Psychological Abuse
No youth should be told they are less than, or that they are not deserving of living a happy life. Urge Gov. Jerry Brown to sign new legislation that would ban the practice of so-called “ex-gay” or “reparative” therapy for minors.
Plaintiffs Challenging Prop. 8 Urge Supreme Court to End Marriage Inequality
Today, AFER's attorneys filed a brief in the United States Supreme Court defending the landmark federal appeals court ruling that found Proposition 8 unconstitutional.
“8″ Spotlight: Marriage Equality Play Comes to Houston
“8” was created on the belief that theater has the power to transform people’s minds on the issue of marriage equality. If everyone could just see what happened in that federal courtroom two years ago, minds would be opened, truth would continue to spread, and public support would build.
Gay Couples Increasingly Start Families
The New York Times features the growing number of gay couples who—like many other couples— are facing pressure from family and friends to start a family soon after they get married.
Testimony: Marriage is a Basic Civil Right
We talk often about how marriage is a civil right, affirmed by 14 Supreme Court cases dating back to 1888. But marriage also holds specific significance throughout American history.
Video: “Defense of Marriage Act” Strikes Out Again & More News
Prop 8 is heading to the Supreme Court, and another judge finds the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional in this week's Marriage News Watch.
Prop. 8 Ruled Unconstitutional Two Years Ago
Today marks the two-year anniversary of the District Court decision that ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional. It’s easy to forget how historic the ruling is. Two years is too long to wait for something that is so obvious and inevitable.
Interactive Map Shows the “Crazy Patchwork” of Marriage Rights
A new interactive map by the Los Angeles Times tracks 10 years of progress and setbacks for marriage equality in the United States.
U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Hear Prop. 8 Case
The proponents of Proposition 8 are asking the United States Supreme Court to reconsider the decision that ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional. Video and more details.