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Marriage Bill Passes Minnesota House–Heads to the Senate

Last November, Minnesotans made history by becoming the first state to reject a constitutional amendment that would have banned marriage for gay and lesbian couples. It was part of a landslide victory for marriage quality. Today, the state’s House of Representatives took a historic step to recognize the freedom to marry.

With a few weeks left in the legislative session, the Minnesota House passed a bill that would recognize marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples by a 75-59 vote.

The State Senate could hear the bill as early as Monday. if passed, Governor Mark Dayton has pledged he will sign the legislation into law and Minnesota would become the twelfth state to recognize marriage equality, in addition to Washington, D.C. Dayton has been lobbying aggressively for marriage equality and recently made his case to supporters in an email.

“Urge lawmakers in St. Paul to follow their consciences and pass the freedom to marry,” he wrote. “We cannot legislate love. Committed, same-sex Minnesota couples deserve to make their own decisions for their own families. It’s a simple, yet profound ideal.”