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Leaders Who Support Marriage Equality

Star Witness for Prop. 8 Now Supports Marriage Equality
David Blankenhorn, who was called by the Prop. 8 Proponents as their star witness against marriage for gay and lesbian couples, now says that he supports marriage equality.
One of the Most Important Republican Donors is on a Mission: Marriage Equality
Paul Singer has given nearly $10 million of his own money to LGBT-rights initiatives, including AFER's case against Prop. 8, and marriage efforts in New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey.
NAACP Resolution Supporting Marriage Equality: “More than Symbolic”
In today’s Washington Post, Eugene Robinson heralded the NAACP board of directors’ resolution endorsing marriage equality.
Ted Olson on Face the Nation
AFER lead co-counsel Ted Olson appeared on Face the Nation to discuss President Obama's endorsement of marriage equality.
Video: What Obama’s Marriage Equality Endorsement Means & More News
In this week's video: Obama endorses marriage equality and we look at what that means for LGBT Americans and for the future. Colorado's civil unions bill looked dead in the water last week, but this week the Governor's found a way to give it one last shot at passing in 2012.
Reactions: AFER’s Leaders in the Media about Obama Marriage Equality Support
President Obama’s announcement yesterday that he supports full marriage equality for gay and lesbian American is nothing less than historic. For the first time, a sitting U.S. President has come out in strong, full support of full equality.
President Obama Announces Support for Marriage Equality
Today, in an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC News, President Barack Obama announced his support for marriage equality. “Today is a proud day for all Americans,” said AFER lead co-counsel Theodore B. Olson.
Vice President Supports Marriage Rights for Gay and Lesbian Americans
Two top White House leaders have come out in support of marriage for gay and lesbian Americans. This Sunday on Meet the Press, Vice President Joe Biden said he supports marriage rights for gay and lesbian Americans. Then, this morning, Education Secretary expressed his support on MSBC’s Morning Joe.