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Witness Testimony: Kris Perry

On the first day of trial, AFER plaintiff Kris Perry testified about her relationship with Sandy Stier and why they want to marry each other.  She explained that marriage would provide her and Sandy with access to the language to describe their relationship.

Watch Christine Lahti reenact Kris Perry’s testimony during the Los Angeles premiere of “8” the play.

Testimony Highlights

“Well, I remember the first time I met Sandy thinking she was maybe the sparkliest person I ever met … [T]he happiest I feel is in my relationship with Sandy—because I’m in love with her.”


“I want to marry Sandy. I want to have a stable and secure relationship with her that then we can include our children in. And I want the discrimination we are feeling with Proposition 8 to end and for a more positive, joyful part of our lives to … begin.”


“[Marriage] appears to be really important to people and I would really like to use the word, too, because it symbolizes maybe the most important decision you make as an adult, who you choose.”


“I have never really let myself want [to get married] until now. Growing up as a lesbian, you don’t let yourself want it, because everyone tells you you are never going to have it.

“So in some ways it’s hard for me to grasp what it would even mean, but I do see other people who are married and I—and I think what it looks like is that you are honored and respected by your family. Your children know what your relationship is. And when you leave your home and you go to work or you go out in the world, people know what your relationship means.”