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The Nation’s Top Newspapers Support the Freedom to Marry

13 of the top 15 newspapers have editorialized their support of the freedom to marry. Listed in order of circulation. 

USA Today

“When DOMA was passed in 1996, same-sex marriage was mostly theoretical. No state had legalized it. Now, thousands of gays are legally married, and the treatment DOMA imposes is explicitly inferior.” [12/10/12]

The New York Times

“The court should avoid that kind of error in the same-sex-marriage cases. It should broadly declare that under the Constitution the right to marry applies equally to all couples, period, and that this principle applies to the federal government and every state.” [03/25/13]

Los Angeles Times

Time is on the side of same-sex marriage, as public attitudes are rapidly changing. But the court’s responsibility is not to anticipate what the public might do. It is to decide what the Constitution commands. Sometimes, as the brief filed by Boies and Olson reminds the court, that means protecting minorities from “majoritarian prejudice and indifference.” [11/29/12]

San Jose Mercury News

“It will be far better for the country if the high court comes down on the side of equal rights in a way that settles the matter quickly and cleanly and allows divisions on social issues to begin to heal. But the battle for marriage equality has been won. Now it’s just a matter of how the war will end.” [12/7/12]

The Washington Post

Even if the direction is clear, the path toward a universal right to marriage equality remains long…Federal courts have ruled that the act deprives gay men and lesbians of the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection…If the Supreme Court does enter the fray over gay marriage, it would do well to consider the results of Tuesday’s ballot questions and, more broadly, the clear trajectory of the nation’s shifting ¬attitudes.” [11/7/12]

Daily News

“The Maine and Maryland referendums — and likely one still undecided in Washington State — took matters one step further. The people themselves had their say, and they said, yes, ‘We do.’ That’s called democracy, and it’s a beautiful thing indeed.” [11/8/12]

Chicago Tribune

Marriage is “good for communities, since it minimizes the unwanted side effects of broken homes. Authorizing same-sex marriage also works to break down age-old prejudice, discrimination and even violence against gays.” [1/3/13]

Chicago Sun-Times

“It’s time for gay marriage in Illinois. Not in the distant future. Not in the near future. But now.” [12/16/12]

The Dallas Morning News

“We urge the Supreme Court to affirm the right of gay couples to marry based upon the fundamental American ideal of equality before the law.” [12/14/12]

Houston Chronicle

“The trends are becoming clear on marriage equality. After an election in which voters in four states supported same-sex marriage, and with polls consistently showing growing support for the cause, many conservatives are rethinking their opposition. The shift isn’t just about political expediency but honestly focusing on the future of the American family.” [2/1/13]

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“It is important that any same-sex-marriage law also protects the rights of religious institutions to decide, according to their tenets, who may be married within them. But that should not prevent same-sex couples from otherwise having their marriages recognized as legal.” [12/24/12]

The Arizona Republic

“The facts on the ground are undeniable. Gays and lesbians are forming families. They’re having children. They need the full rights and framework of family law.” [8/9/10]

The Denver Post

“And the growing tolerance for gay marriage has the potential to influence the public debate in positive ways. The nation is at a turning point when it comes to same-sex marriage.” [12/16/12]