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Testimony: Real Life Consequences

At the core of the 2010 Federal District Court trial of Prop. 8 was not only the expert testimony from the  world’s leading authorities  in history, economics, and social sciences, but also the moving stories of AFER’s plaintiffs, Paul Katami & Jeff Zarrillo and Kris Perry & Sandy Stier.

The two couples represent countless gay and lesbian couples who every day endure the real-life consequences of state-sponsored discrimination.

Matthew Morrison, well known as the affable Will Schuester on the Fox TV show Glee, brought to life the sworn testimony of Paul, who wants nothing more than the state to validate his relationship of over 10 years with his partner, Jeff.

With words written by Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black, Morrison brings to life the hardships gay and lesbian couples face every day because of inequality.

Take a look at highlights of Morrison during the March livestream of the L.A. premiere of “8” below. And if you’d like to see the full show, you can watch it online or attend one of the 200+ readings taking place across the country and internationally.