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Happy Mothers’ Day, from Emily

This picture has hung on the pantry door in our kitchen since I was in the first grade. It was one of the first Mothers’ day gifts I gave to my two Moms. I still love the picture I drew. It’s of both my moms and me. My mama, Carol Schall has the black hair, while my mom, Mary Townley has the blond hair. I’m the short one with the red hair on the far left. I think that may be one of the last years of my life when they were both taller than me.

Now that I am 16, I am taller than both of them, but that sentiment is still the same. My moms take great care of me. They are teaching me to drive, encouraging me to dream big, helping me with my homework, fussing after me when I need it, helping me learn about colleges, and working hard at their jobs for our family and for their work. You see, our life has been pretty typical.  In fact, all of my friends love my parents and think that I have a “cool family.” I can report, first hand, that my moms are great parents to me, and I have the strong values and great opportunities I have because of their love and care for me.

This mothers’ day is special, though, because of the decision our family made to participate in the Virginia Marriage Equality Bostic case. I am proud of my moms for the stand they are taking for our family. This mothers’ day, I want to thank them for being my heroes. They are speaking out on behalf of our family and all families like ours. This mothers’ day, I want to wish my moms the very best mothers’ day ever.  I love you both, and thank you for speaking out for our family!



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