American Foundation for Equal Rights

LA Times: “Same-sex couples expect quick ruling on Prop. 8 appeal”

Maura Dolan writes for the Los Angeles Times:

“Lawyers for two same-sex couples who are challenging Proposition 8 said Thursday that a federal appeals court ruling on the constitutionality of the same-sex marriage ban could come any day now that the California Supreme Court has ruled that initiative sponsors have the legal right to defend it.

“Chad Griffin, board president of the Los Angeles-based American Foundation for Equal Rights, which launched the federal challenge, said he was glad the California Supreme Court has ruled in the case, even though the court rejected his group’s contention that ProtectMarriage, Proposition 8’s sponsor, lacked legal standing.

‘”We are thrilled to be out of the California Supreme Court  and back into federal court, where this case has moved at great speed from the trial in federal district court’ to the U.S. 9th  Circuit Court of Appeals, Griffin said. ‘I have always said that either way the California Supreme Court rules, we will ultimately achieve our goal, and that is  Proposition 8 being erased from the books.’”

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