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Wall Street Journal: Court Rejects State Ban on Gay Marriage

Wall Street Journal Reporters Geoffrey A. Fowler and Jess Bravin cover the Ninth U.SCircuit Court of Appeals’ rule against Prop 8 on the basis that the law stigmatizes a minority group without legitimate reason, violating the 14th Amendent’s equal-protection clause. Andy Pugno promised and “immediate” appeal of the ruling on behalf of the coalition. It remains uncertain which could they will appeal to, but the case is not expected to come before the Supreme court before the Spring of 2013, unless the case is expedited.

“Ted Olson, one of the lawyers representing couples who challenged Proposition 8, said: ‘This case is about equality and freedom and dignity and fairness and decency. It is about whether we are going to eliminate government-sponsored discrimination written into the constitution of the biggest state in the U.S.’”

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