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The Washington Post: A Virginia family has three loving warriors in the fight for gay marriage

Richard Leiby of The Washington Post profiles Carol & Mary and their daughter, Emily, ahead of their court appearance at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Emily Schall-Townley, 16, loves playing on her high school basketball team. She is acing her Latin class. She’s already been on a college visit.

And, in case you care to know, she has two moms.

Right now, in need of an after-school nap, Emily has drowsily draped all 5-feet-81 / 2inches of herself onto one of their laps.

“She’s a big baby,” Mary Townley says, as Emily finds a shoulder to burrow into. Townley, 53 and four inches shorter than her daughter, seems wistful for the long-gone days of trundling the child she bore up the stairs.

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