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L.A. Times: Court rejects Proposition 8

The U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals ruled Proposition 8 to be unconstitutional on the grounds that the law stripped gay men and lesbian women of their human rights unjustly and without reason. Defenders of Prop. 8 made it clear that they will be appealing the decision. Whether or not the case will ever reach the U.S. Supreme Court still hangs in the air.

“‘Proposition 8 operates with no apparent purpose but to impose on gays and lesbians, through the public law, a majority’s private disapproval of them and their relationships,’ Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for the court.”

“Other lawyers and legal scholars said the 9th Circuit might have the final word on Proposition 8 because the ruling was so pointedly limited to California, a state where voters stripped a minority of a right that already existed and where the usual justifications for a same-sex marriage ban, responsible parenting and procreation, are undercut by domestic partner laws.”

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