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L.A. Times: Prop 8: Plaintifs see end of ‘dark wall of discrimination’

In a press conference after the Prop 8. Ninth Circuit Court ruling was announced, the plaintifs – two same-sex couples – and their families took the stage to comment on the decision. Plaintifs spoke of their own past experiences of discrimination and fear to reveal their true selves. They also rejoiced, declared that this ruling is a proclamation to gay men and lesbian women are indeed Americans through and through.

“On a stage draped with American flags, the legal team behind the fight against Proposition 8′s ban on gay marriage was speaking carefully, taking great care with the message they wanted to send.”

“After the news conference, Rob Reiner, who sits on the board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which is sponsoring the legal case,  came over to the Perry family to give them support, acknowledging how hard it is to be the plaintiffs in a landmark case. “’I’m so proud of you,’” Reiner told the twin teenage boys. “’You guys just have to think: You’re part of history.’”

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