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KPCC: Prop. 8 supporters ask 9th Circuit to re-hear appeal

AFER attorney Ted Boutrous is quoted in the KPCC story about the Prop. 8 Proponents’ efforts to reverse the Ninth Circuit victory:

Ted Boutrous, an attorney for the two couples who challenged the constitutionality of Prop 8, says he’s not worried about a full 9th Circuit review.

“We believe that all paths for us lead to one thing and that is Proposition 8 is going to be struck down,” said Boutrous. “Some of them would take more time, some would take less. We want the speediest path but we’re ready for whatever happens.”

A majority of the 9th Circuit’s dozens of active judges would have to agree to re-hear the appeal. If they do, the court randomly appoints 10 judges and the Chief Judge to convene a panel. If the court agrees to re-hear the Prop 8 decision, it may take another year to conduct a full hearing.

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