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Bill Moyers Journal: Ted Olson and David Boies

BILL MOYERS: Welcome to the JOURNAL.

You may not believe this, but the two marquee lawyers who fought each other all the way to the Supreme Court to decide whether Al Gore or George W. Bush would become president are at it again. But this time they’re fighting as allies to defend marriage equality.

It’s true. Ted Olson, a conservative, and David Boies, a liberal, are in the middle of a case that, win or lose, they expect, will wind up at the Supreme Court, just like Bush v. Gore. The former adversaries have united in support of core American values: diversity, equality and tolerance. They’re key players in one of the most important civil rights trials of the last decade. It’s a pivotal legal action that could change our society, but which has escaped the attention of much of the country.

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