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“8″ Brings Life to Courtroom Drama Over Same-Sex Marriage

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An ABC/Washington Post poll today has found that for the first time, strong support for same-sex marriage outweighs strong opposition. African Americans polled have changed their positions the most, fueling speculation that President Obama’s historic public support of gay marriage two weeks ago may be responsible. In an interview on May 9th Obama took a bold step from his previous endorsement of only civil unions. Following Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, a recent poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News revealed that 17% of voters are now more likely to vote for Obama, while 20% claim that they are now more inclined to support Romney come November.

Home to many LGBT communities, California exists as one of the friendliest and most active states over the fight for gay marriage rights. California’s legalization of gay marriage in June 2008 solidified its progressive reputation only to be shot down later that year with the passage of Proposition 8 in November. Backed by 52% of California voters, Prop 8 overturned the state Supreme Court’s previous ruling- again banning same-sex marriage. Though nearly 18,000 couples tied the knot before Proposition 8 took effect, a series of court debates, predominately fueled by the conservative coalition called, have ensued ever since.

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