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Variety: Prop 8 Trial Day 10: Power or Just Glitter?

Plaintiffs in the Prop 8 trial are trying to prove that Prop 8 was motivated by discrimination, and outright hostility, toward gays and lesbians, who were without substantial political power to stop it.

On Monday, plaintiffs wrapped up their case by presenting one last batch of e-mails, campaign materials and video to prove their point. First and foremost was a presentation of videos of campaign simulcasts to church groups, in which clergy say that the defeat of Prop 8 would lead to things like the legalization of polygamy and marriage to children. One man compared the consequences of same-sex marriage to those after 9/11. Although the official proponents of Prop 8,, has tried to distance itself from some of the more wild claims, they acknowledged that they paid for the simulcasts. Also presented were emails from their exec director, Ron Prentice, who worked to coordinate the messaging, and was apparently concerned with how things would look if the video made its way to Dr. Phil.

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