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LA Times: Prop. 8 foes tell court why they see measure as unconstitutional

Same-sex marriage has been practiced in various cultures over time, including among some people in China, India, West Africa and North America. Roman emperors sometimes married men.

These were some of the bits of testimony delivered during the last two weeks at the historic federal trial on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the California ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage.

Challengers of the 2008 ban concluded testimony Friday after calling multiple witnesses to define homosexuality, marriage and the role religion has played in prejudice.

Testimony came from a Proposition 8 proponent who said he believes same-sex marriage leads to incest, polygamy and sex with children; from professors of psychology, economics and history who said marriage would benefit homosexuals and society; and from lesbians and gay men who testified that they frequently fear for their physical safety and have trouble explaining their relationships to others.

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