American Foundation for Equal Rights

Ted Olson Talks About President Obama’s Support of Marriage Equality on MSNBC

AFER lead co-counsel Ted Olson appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSBC to discuss marriage equality with Freedom to Marry Executive Director Evan Wolfson.

Here’s what Ted had to say:

“The Supreme Court of the United States has said fourteen times that marriage is a fundamental right, That it’s a matter of privacy, that it’s a matter of  liberty, it’s a matter spirituality, it’s a matter of association.”

“What the President did was very helpful. He was great to do it. That was something that was very important. And the way he did it was very impressive. Talking about his daughters, talking about loving couples that he knows to be allowed to have the relationship that you and I have… The more we talk about this, the more we realize it’s our friends, it’s our neighbors, it’s our coworkers, it’s the people down the street, are loving couples that want to live together and make a building block out of society….The more we talk about this issue, the more people will understand that it is terribly unfair and discriminatory to deny happiness and stability to same-sex couples.”