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Love Stories

How you met. The moment you fell in love. Your wedding day plans. The challenges you face because you aren’t able to get married.

Everyone loves a good love story. They are a source of inspiration and are crucial to changing the hearts and minds of people who don’t yet support marriage equality.

So today, we are putting out an open call for your love stories. Anyone can participate, but we are especially seeking couples in California who are planning to get married as soon as Prop. 8 is gone for good.

Select stories will be featured here on our blog, and on AFER’s Facebook and Twitter.

It’s our hope that these stories will clearly show others why marriage is important, the harmful effects on gay and lesbian couples and their families caused by initiatives like Prop. 8, and why it’s unfair to make a whole group of Americans wait even one more day to be treated with equality and dignity.

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Ben & Benjamin

Erica & Melissa

Philip & Steffen

Ted & Raul

Sue & Melissa

Thom & Jeff 

Shannan & Monica

Wes & Andre

Dianna & MaryAnn

Ryan & Danny

Clayton & Scott

Ray & Michael

Oscar & Arturo

Tammy & Wendy

 Jenni & Lisa

Becky & Renee

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