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Video: Koch Brother Supports Marriage Equality and More News
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: Washington's anti-gay activists are falling way behind in fundraising. And support for marriage equality grows, with endorsements from key Republican figures.
Three Years of Marriage Equality in Vermont
Three years ago, Vermont became the fourth state in the country where gay and lesbian couples had freedom to marry. On this third anniversary, let's take a moment look back at how that happened — and what's happened since.
WATCH: Conflict Over Marriage in Democratic Party Platform & More News
There's disagreement over marriage equality in the Democratic Party platform, with some party members resisting the move.
Video: Marriage Equality at the Democratic National Convention & More News
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: Marriage equality is poised to take center stage at the Democratic National Convention in September. And what's next after a setback for marriage in Hawaii?
Video: “Defense of Marriage Act” Strikes Out Again & More News
Prop 8 is heading to the Supreme Court, and another judge finds the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional in this week's Marriage News Watch.
Video: Chick-fil-A Protests Increase and More News
The Chick-fil-A saga continues, Washington marriage equality supporters get a big donation and more news on this week's Marriage News Watch.
Video: The Latest on DOMA Court Challenges, Chic-fil-A & More News
Check out this week's episode of Marriage News Watch for updates on DOMA court challenges, the DNC including marriage equality in its official party platform, and Chic-fil-A.
Video: Dueling Briefs in Leadup to Supreme Court Fight & More News
In this week's episode: The Defense of Marriage Act has some powerful enemies, with strongly-worded opposition coming this week from some familiar names. A flawed study on LGBT parenting is also under attack, with its author now under investigation. All that and more news.
Video: Multiple Marriage Cases Heading to Supreme Court & More News
In this week's Marriage News Watch: All eyes are on the Supreme Court, with a big marriage showdown shaping up on the horizon and more news.
Video: Flawed Study on Gay Dads
In this week's episode: A new study tries to show that the kids of gay and lesbian parents are worse off than the kids of straight parents. We'll take a look at all of the problems with that study, and there's a lot of them. And, a major GOP donor is throwing his support -- and his money -- to a drive to elect more LGBT-friendly Republicans.