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Proposition 8

California Supreme Court Affirms: Prop. 8 is still dead
The California Supreme Court has rejected the Prop. 8 Proponents' baseless attempt to limit gay and lesbian couples from marrying across the state. Marriage equality remains the law of the land across all of California.
One month later: marriage equality’s Supreme Court victories
One month ago the U.S. Supreme Court decided two landmark marriage equality cases.The effects of the twin decisions, announced on June 26, 2013, were felt almost immediately.
California Supreme Court denies second attempt to halt marriages
For the second time, the California Supreme Court has denied a request to immediately halt the marriages of gay and lesbian couples in the state.
Video Shows the Day Marriage Equality Returned to California
From our stirring victory at the U.S. Supreme Court to the emotional day when our plaintiffs were finally married, check out this great video about what it was like when marriage equality returned to California.
This time, it’s permanent.
The outpouring of support from people like you—our generous donors and vocal advocates—made our victory over Prop. 8 possible.
Details: Supreme Court to rule on Prop. 8
Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on AFER’s challenge to California’s Proposition 8. Here’s a full run-down of what will happen.
Supreme Court to Rule on Prop. 8 This Week
We are days—if not hours—away from a final decision in AFER's federal court challenge to Prop. 8 and the ACLU challenge to the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.
This month: Supreme Court to rule on Prop. 8 and marriage equality
The wait is nearly over. The Supreme Court is expected to issue a final decision on Proposition 8 and marriage equality this month. AFER has put together everything you need to know in our new Decision Center.
Star Witness for Prop. 8 Says Why He Now Supports Marriage Equality
At one point, David Blankenhorn was one of the most vocal opponents of marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Now he is making the case for marriage equality and why supporting gay and lesbian Americans is the right thing.
5 Year anniversary of historic California marriage decision
The California Supreme Court struck down a state law banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples. The ruling was the most historic and sweeping decision of its kind to date.