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Making Music: Stephen and Mark’s Love Story
The story of how Mark Towns and Stephen Pearlman of Chicago first met six years ago is straight out of a romance novel.
Video: Fight for marriage in Illinois continues
The fight for marriage equality will continue in Illinois after the state's House failed to bring legislation up for a vote last week. Plus, more news from the week.
Star Witness for Prop. 8 Says Why He Now Supports Marriage Equality
At one point, David Blankenhorn was one of the most vocal opponents of marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Now he is making the case for marriage equality and why supporting gay and lesbian Americans is the right thing.
Countdown to Marriage Deadline
All eyes are on Illinois, with less than a week left to pass its marriage equality bill. Meanwhile major obstacles remain in Nevada and Tennessee.
Watch: PBS series about the Constitution features couple fighting for marriage equality
AFER plaintiffs Kris Perry & Sandy Stier appear in part three of Peter Sagal’s special series on PBS, “Constitution USA.”
Studies document negative effects of marriage discrimination, benefits of marriage equality
Research clearly shows that preventing gay and lesbian couples from getting married leads to negative side effects
Video: Can we get to 13 states with marriage equality?
Minnesota passes a marriage bill, bringing the total to 12 states with the freedom to marry. Time's running out for Illinois. And even with public support for marriage soaring, numerous states may be stuck with marriage bans for years to come.
9 Years of marriage equality in Massachusetts
Nine years ago today gay and lesbian couples were able to get married in the United States for the first time ever. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued the nation’s first marriage equality victory
5 Year anniversary of historic California marriage decision
The California Supreme Court struck down a state law banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples. The ruling was the most historic and sweeping decision of its kind to date.
Minnesota Becomes Twelfth State with Marriage Equality, Governor Signs Legislation
Momentum is building rapidly across the nation in advance of a Supreme Court decision on the Prop. 8 case, with Minnesota becoming the third state in two weeks to recognize marriage equality.