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Key Quotes from the Decisions
The U.S. Supreme Court issued decisions that found the so-called Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and that restores marriage equality to California. Here are some key quotes.
Watch: President Obama Phones Prop 8 Plaintiffs from Air Force One
President Obama offers his congratulations and commendation for our plaintiff's important fight.
Details: Supreme Court to rule on Prop. 8
Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on AFER’s challenge to California’s Proposition 8. Here’s a full run-down of what will happen.
Supreme Court to Rule on Prop. 8 This Week
We are days—if not hours—away from a final decision in AFER's federal court challenge to Prop. 8 and the ACLU challenge to the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.
Video: How marriage equality affects straight couples
We're counting down the days to a Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8, with just two weeks left before the end of the current term. A new survey analyzes the effect that marriage equality has on opposite sex-couples, and more news
This Father’s Day
AFER Board President Bruce Cohen shares what he wants for Father’s Day.
46th Anniversary of Loving
Mildred and Richard Loving’s lawsuit, which was decided 46 years ago today, has become an important precedent for today’s fight for marriage equality.
This month: Supreme Court to rule on Prop. 8 and marriage equality
The wait is nearly over. The Supreme Court is expected to issue a final decision on Proposition 8 and marriage equality this month. AFER has put together everything you need to know in our new Decision Center.
Video: Prop. 8 ruling is just days away
We're counting down the days to a Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8. Marriage may go to voters in Ohio, but there's dispute over timing. New polls show progress in California and across the nation. And New Mexico's Attorney General addresses the state's marriage ban.
Number of polls showing majority support for marriage equality continues to increase
An additional 2 surveys released today clearly demonstrate that a majority of Americans support marriage for gay and lesbian couples.