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Debunked: Anti-Gay Ad in Washington
A new just launched in Washington, and it's a carbon-copy of the same misleading, hurtful messages used in other states. AFER takes a look at the new Washington ad and breaks it down.
Marriage News Watch: Strikeout #8 for DOMA and More News
Another ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. A former Prop. 8 supporter releases a new video explaining his change of heart. And polling on marriage in key states remains very close just days out from the election.
Misleading Anti-Marriage Ads in Maine. AFER Corrects False Claims with Fact.
Two new anti-gay ads just started running in Maine this week. AFER corrects the claims in these commercials by using the testimony from the Prop 8 trial.
NOM Launches Attack Ads in Battleground States. AFER Factchecks.
The National Organization for Marriage is ramping up their campaigns in Minnesota and Maine with two new television commercials. AFER corrects their claims with real facts.
Election Ads Show Importance of Marriage (Slideshow)
With less than 34 days until Election Day, campaigns are heating up in the four states where marriage is on the ballot. Here’s a look at the TV ads in states facing marriage equality referendums.
Video: Supreme Court Waiting to Decide on Hearing Prop. 8 Case
Big news still coming from the United State Supreme Court on the Prop 8 case. Plus: major advances in some of the other challenges to state and federal bans on the freedom to marry.
CA Gov. Jerry Brown Signs SB 1172, Legislation to Protect LGBT Youth from Dangerous Psychological Abuse
The legislation protects minors from deceitful mental health professionals who falsely claim to be able to change their sexual orientation or gender expression and will serve as a template for other states to protect their LGBT youth.
New Digital Media Campaign Launches for Four States Facing Marriage in November
Marriage is on the ballot in four states – Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. Now, a new digital media campaign, The Four 2012, provides you with daily actions to support each of the campaigns.
Video: Koch Brother Supports Marriage Equality and More News
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: Washington's anti-gay activists are falling way behind in fundraising. And support for marriage equality grows, with endorsements from key Republican figures.
Three Years of Marriage Equality in Vermont
Three years ago, Vermont became the fourth state in the country where gay and lesbian couples had freedom to marry. On this third anniversary, let's take a moment look back at how that happened — and what's happened since.