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States to Watch: New Jersey
The road to marriage in New Jersey has been rocky, but there's no mistaking the progress that the state has made over the last few years. Now, the Garden State is poised to finally make the plunge with a very busy year ahead for marriage equality.
States to Watch: Minnesota
Despite the landslide victory for marriage equality during November’s election, gay and lesbian couples in Minnesota are still unable to get married. Will momentum yield marriage equality in Minnesota in 2013?
States to Watch: Hawai’i
Hawaii was once regarded as a beacon of hope for marriage equality. In the 1990’s it could have been the first state that recognized the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples. A lengthy court case and constitutional amendment later, Hawaii currently has a civil union law, which went into effect in 2011.
States to Watch: Delaware
Delaware has had civil unions for just over a year, and although they’re better than no protection at all, they’re no substitute for marriage. Will 2013 be the year marriage equality comes to the state?
States to Watch: Marriage Equality Legislation in Rhode Island
Marriage equality bills were introduced in the Rhode Island Senate and the House on January 3, 2013. After an unexpected defeat in 2011, a marriage equality bill is poised for passage this year.
States to Watch: Illinois Marriage Equality Legislation Reintroduced
AFER is making the case for full federal marriage equality before the U.S. Supreme Court this spring, but there are several states which may see movement. This is the first in a series of states to watch.
Video: States to Watch for Marriage Equality
In this week's episode of Marriage News Watch: An exciting start to the year, with a win and a setback in Illinois. Two brand new marriage bills are on the fast track in Rhode Island. And a Congressional bill to repeal DOMA picks up support.
Video: Marriage Equality in 2012, Year in Review
Here's a quick year-in-review to get you caught up with the progress we made in 2012, and where we're going to focus in 2013.
Readings of the play “8” in all 50 States
“8” is sweeping the nation. From Alaska to Florida, Maine to Hawaii, people across the nation are learning about what happened when fear and prejudice were put on trial.
Video: Last-Minute Marriage Legislation & More News
With just days left in the year, lawmakers in two states are making last-minute bids to pass marriage equality bills. A hugely successful campaign is culminating in Oregon. And support for an anti-gay amendment in Indiana is quickly crumbling.